Jonathan Weber

Product Design Leader

I'm a design leader in Colorado and currently manage a team of designers at CircleCI. I have experience working with design teams of various sizes, at companies from small startups to Fortune 100 orgs. Most of my career has been spent designing B2B and enterprise product experiences.

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Principles, practices, and processes are the foundation of my design leadership, shaped by my experiences, training, and management education.From a people perspective, I find great satisfaction in helping designers find the right solution or overcome obstacles. Most designers have the answers within them, and by asking insightful questions, they can often discover the right answers themselves.From a business perspective, I advocate for my design team and our product's users. It is equally important for me to translate business needs to my team. By doing both, we can develop solutions that drive business metrics.


01. Leadership Principles

People First
Collaboration Focused
Growth Mindset

02. Practices and Processes

One on Ones
Design Workshops
Design Crits
X-Functional Syncs

03. Management Styles

Democratic | Transformational


Below are some of my most impactful projects as a leader. These are short summaries of my impacts to the company, product, and teams.
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Enabling New Integrations with Vision and Strategy

From a business perspective, CircleCI needed to expand our market to enable new integrations and expand our market. The current experience did not support this need.

I worked with Head of Design and C-Suite to define high level strategy. Organized designers, rituals, and work assignments. Created a process to keep the design on track. Presented to C-Level stakeholders to ultimately move the strategy to a redesign and into production.

Allowed the organization to have a strategy and structure to implement transform the vision into production.

Growth Design
(Plans & Billing)

Need to increase sales, overall user satisfaction and reduce support overhead for the business.

A redesign of the plan area and targeted upgrade paths for users.

Decrease in support requests. $1m ARR increase in credit spend.

Building Design Culture

Design as an operation doesn't flourish on its own, it needs careful attention, planning and execution. None of this will come to life if a design culture does not exist. During my time as a leader I have focused on:Design Principles
Created 8 design principles as a team and received buy-in from executive leadership.
Design Rituals
Improved existing design meetings and put in place impactful new ones.
I put in place processes to help designers intentionally define the work they are doing in service of the users.


I have worked as a designer my entire professional career. I started my first job as a web designer in my last year of high school. I had a brief stint in architecture. The rest of my career has been focused on creating software brands and products.I pride myself on being an inclusive design leader who is empathetic, low-ego, and driven to help others.As passionate as I am about good design, I am equally passionate about helping designers grow in their careers.

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