Jonathan Weber

Product design leader in Colorado

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Currently I am currently managing a team of designers at CircleCI (a developer tool). I've worked with design teams small to large, and at companies from small startups to Fortune100. The majority of my career has been spent working with B2B and enterprise products.I pride myself on being an inclusive design leader who is empathetic, low-ego, and driven to help others. As passionate as I am about good design, I am equally passionate about helping designers grow in their careers.

Management Principles

  • People First

  • User-Centric

  • Collaboration Focused

Management Styles

Democratic | Transformational


  • One on Ones

  • Design Workshops

  • Design Crits

  • Standups

  • X-Functional Syncs

Leadership Projects

A few key design leadership projects

Design Portfolio

My product design portfolio

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