On Managing

These are some of the design management philosophies I have

People first

  • Proactive career planning
  • Prioritizing well being. Take time to recharge
  • Transparency (both on my end and theirs)
  • Be the defense for my team

Be a team player

  • Open communication and collaboration with teams
  • Humility - embrace mistakes, everyone makes them
  • Candor - helps you and everyone else grow
  • Design is a team sport - Bring cross-functional partners along on the design journey

User centricity

  • Know for who you are designing for and why
  • Take a research first approach or an iterative one, but always measure your work with users.

Critique and share

  • Be consistent - use existing patterns over new ones whenever possible
  • In addition to helping you deliver a better outcome, sharing your work helps others grow as well.